ATTENTION: Before completing this form, please read the Terms & Conditions below to understand the full process of completing commissions.

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Please fill out the commission request form in it's entirety. It will require $25 to submit the request. This is simply to help filter serious inquiries. $25 submission will be applied to the final price of the commission, or returned to you if commission request is not accepted.

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Thanks for your commission request. Please allow 72 hours for response. Reminder: $25 submission will be applied to the final cost of the commission, or returned if the commission request was denied. Thank you for your continued support.!

Terms & Conditions

Commission paintings will begin in the order in which they are received and by payment type. The requirement is a paid invoice. Payment in full takes priority, a paid deposit takes second priority, and payment plans to follow. This is to keep everything organized and a steady flow on commission completion.

If you are informed of a waiting list, your work will start on or around the estimated date that you’re given.

Paintings will take a minimum of 4-6 months to complete. This is an investment for you as the client and cannot/should not be rushed. I value each and every piece I create, and strive for the highest quality I can deliver.
Rushing a painting increases mistakes and is a craft that requires the time needed to provide the best work.

Oil paintings can take weeks to dry and are times where outside conditions cause oil paint to dry even slower. A painting will not ship until all layers are dry and the painting is varnished. This protects your painting from damage during transport.

Please understand that I am working on multiple paintings at a time. There will be travel dates and exhibitions that I need to attend. This will put a pause on the production of your painting until I return to studio. Emails on travel dates are sent to my commission clients to keep them informed.

Social Media:
Do not get discouraged if you do not see your commission posted on my social media. I don’t post all of my commission in order to keep my social media and websites in line with the subject matter of my personal work.

Deposits and payment plans are non refundable. (50% deposits) applied to the total cost of the painting.
Payment plans will be divided by month plus 20%.

Copyrights & Reproduction:

Copyrights & rights to reproduce belong solely to Stina Aleah LLC when work is created in it's originality by Stina Aleah. (This means the work was not created from a photo submitted by commissioner)

To purchase the copyrights and rights to reproduce of the original work please contact Subject: Purchase Copyrights

Last updated: September 1st, 2020