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A little about Stina...


Stina Aleah is originally from Elyria, OH. She ran track for the Ohio school system and was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame for her many accomplishments in track and field. After taking an art class in high school due to a track injury (broken femur), Stina Aleah began nurturing a talent not many can claim to own. As a fine artist, namely oil painting, Stina Aleah has become synonymous with greatness and perseverance.


Stina has taken the time to hone her craft over the years. In doing so, she’s exhibited nationally, with 2 recent solo exhibitions in Miami, FL. 


“Every painting offers an assumed perception of reality.  One can look at my work and interpret their own meaning, depending on how it identifies with the viewer. Each painting is accompanied with a short story to bring people closer to the true significance behind the creations.

When creating artwork, I integrate raw emotions and experiences from my personal life. Always striving to keep my paintings honest, by producing them genuinely from the heart.

Behind every carefully placed  brush stroke, transition of color, and embellished figure, underlies a hidden message. 

I encourage viewers to look beyond the surface of the canvass to uncover stories that are relevant and identifiable to ourselves and our society." -Stina Aleah

Exhibitions & Major Accomplishments

Solo Exhibition VIP Reception 2018
Solo Exhibition “Semblance” 2018
Art Basel 2017-Miami
Black Arts Expo -2017
Jazz in the Garden (Muce 305)-2017
Chocolate & Art Show-2017

Route 1804-2017
Art & Sol Studios 2016-2017
Figure & Portrait Juried Exhibit 2016
Art Basel 2016-Miami
Gab Studios -2013

Giants (Television Series)
Collective Ventures
Florida Film House
Damien Marley & Queen Ifrika (Music Video)
Papa Keith Radio Personality (Grand Opening)
Miami Urban Contemporary Experiance
South Miami Dade Cultural Arts Center

Leadership Blue Conference
Historic Virginia Key Beach Park
City of Miami Police K-9 unit- Mural
Genius Jones/Store Front
Designer Marcel Wanders-Mural
Collective Ventures-Mural
JDRF South Florida Chapter
Hope Promise Dream Ball

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