Premium Wall Mural

Do you want to leave people speechless when they visit your home?

Do you want them to admire the art on your walls with intrigue?

If you do, stick with me - and I mean literally stick with me- by purchasing my peel and stick wall murals.

They are not a hassle to install nor will they damage the walls of your house. They are reusable, and they are a cost-effective approach to make your home stand out and talked about. You can place them on the walls, and just about anywhere. The peel and stick wall mural will not blend into the background either, as they will be the first thing people notice as they enter your beautifully and uniquely decorated home.

Most importantly, they are versatile, meaning you can use them to decorate any room in the house.  If you are in the process of decorating or renovating your home, do it right by installing my custom wall murals.

Transform any space with a beautiful mural installation!

Labor & Mess free!

Peel & Stick Installation








***Please allow 3-5 business days for processing. and an additionl 3-10 business days for delivery. Rush orders contact:


"Honey Bee" Custom Mural

  • Steps to Care:

        Wipe the wall decals using a damp cloth, without wetting its

        adhesive side.
        Peel the wall decals off the area to store them for later use,

        storing them at room temperature.
        Never roll the wall decals too tightly, do not place heavy objects

        on them, and avoid handling them too roughly.