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  • Artrepreneur: Making Your Dream A Business

    From her own personal experiences, stories that tie
    into each chapter, Stina Aleah created a book that
    provides the fundamentals to starting a business,
    and operating successfully. Stina Aleah weaves
    knowledge and wit together to create a book of rare
    gems. Artists of all mediums are able to take this
    knowledge to develop a successful brand and business.
    With each chapter, comes a new bag of goodies, ten
    chapters of information to take with you through the
    business you are forming.

    From your vision, and business name, to branding,
    and brand identity, the wealth of knowledge is limitless.
    Stina is a visual artist, and multi-business owner. This
    book is a direct reflection of her ability to create a
    successful business, and become a brand. If your
    desire is to accomplish the same, this book is for you!